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EMR Meters

EMR Meters


The challenge with ElectroSmog is that you cannot see, smell, taste, touch or hear ElectroSmog with our normal senses. Professional ElectroSmog Meters make the invisible more visible and determine areas of ElectroSmog exposure with both digital and audio measurements.

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Product no.: DUAL Field Pro LF

The new accurate DualField Pro LF shows low frequency for both electrical alternating field (AC) and magnetic fields with easy use filter switches. This professional low frequency meter will accurately reveal the electrical field strengths in areas of your home or business. Its hand held probe allows you to determine low frequency`hot spots´with both accurate digital measurement as well as audio identification via the intensity or pitch of the sound. There are 4 measurement ranges from 1-2000 Vm determining frequencies from 10- 400000 Hz.

259.00 € *
Product no.: Analyzer Pro HF4 10Ghz
A professional powerful meter that allows measurement of signals from 1 MHz to 10 Ghz frequency!
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